PostgreSQL plans


I’m a very satisfied Dreamhost customer, but am wondering if you have any plans to support PostgreSQL in the future.

Dreamhost is so close to my “dream” shared hosting platform. Right now PostgreSQL is the only peice that is missing.

I’d hate to switch, but right now I’m eyeing textdrive (which does support PostgreSQL) for my future hosting needs if Dreamhost has no plans to support PostgreSQL.


don’t know about plans, but why not put in a sigguestion? Panel > Home . Sigguestions.

Or contact support to see if there is somehting under way, or not.


This has been discussed before. From this thread it looks like there are no plans to support it unless there is enough demand.

It’s in the Suggestion list as

and costs 5 credits. This is something that I also would like and I just voted for it - hope you all do too!


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Yes, I put in my vote for this on the suggesions page some time ago.

I’d like to know if the suggestion has had any effect.