Postfix stopped working?

Hi, For the last couple of years I have used postfix on my dreamhost account to filter mail through my own spamassassin install and a couple of other custom rules.

However, the day before yesterday it stopped working, and I’ve been deluged with spam ever since. The X-Spam headers are not being applied, but the .forward and all other files are still there and unchanged.

I’m on server grant - has anyone else had this issue?

I use procmail for this, not postfix, but I’ve had the same problem where my installation of SpamAssassin is not being reliably called.

I’m getting intermittent, but frequent errors like:

procmail: Executing “/home/sborg/bin/spamassassin”
/home/sborg/bin/spamassassin: /home/sborg/bin/spamassassin: Transport endpoint is not connected

My suspicion is that something in the clustering is broken, and that some hosts don’t have access to my main home directory, where SA is installed.

Check your procmail log. See where it is dumping mail. Probably
$HOME is not where you think it is.

Probably you have hardcoded the full pathname of your spamassassin binary.

Try replacing the /home/you/ part of the spamassassin call in your .procmailrc
with $HOME as in
SPAMASSASSIN_BINARY = $HOME/wherever/you/keep/spamassassin

and then fixing your procmail rule to pipe to:

That (126) you’re seeing in the procmail log means “file not found”.

You’re also going to have to fix the hardcoded pathnames in your
spamassassin “binary” (perl file, actually). Supposing you put it in
/home/you/local/bin/spamassassin this file contains pathnames
to /home/you/local/bin/perl/Mail and other similar places.
Since the problem is /home/you does not reliably exist, you should
change these to relative paths, relative, I think, to the location of
the spamassassin file you are modifying.

What a freaking mess.

Hey Dreamhost: WTF ???

I’ve seen the same thing. As you said, it’s probably an intermittent networking issue with DH’s infrastructure.

The way I handle these things is to dump messages that don’t have spamassassin’s X-Spam-Status into a Rescan folder, and re-run these through procmail.


It looks like the problem has been fixed. It’s been about 3 hours since I’ve seen a message that didn’t get scanned by spamassassin.