Post YouTube Videos


I have a online RPG where users have their profiles and they want to post YouTube videos in their profiles. The problem is that when they copy and paste the embed code from YouTube into their profiles. It shows the raw HTML code and not the video.

Do I need to install the Flash Media on the site to get to to work? even though I am not hosting the video?


No. The problem has to do with HTML markup only.

You see HTML is still text. So you can put the code anywhere you can type text.

However HTML is text that contains special sequences of characters called elements and entities. Sometimes you want the browser to interpret the meaning of these sequences and sometime you don’t. So to get the browser not to interpret the meaning, you turn the sequences into new sequences that have a different meaning called HTML character entity encoding. It’s kinda like spelling out words instead of saying them.

Sometimes software that does that has an option to turn it on and off - though sometimes its best to leave it on.

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