Post "Troubles" Status!

I’m still highly curious about Dreamhost…

I’m ONLY interested in hearing from those who DID experience the “major troubles” over the last few weeks / months… Now that the fix is supposed to be implemented and working, are your sites loading faster? How about those that use MySQL? Email? Keep us posted!

Have you already seen this?

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Yes I have, but none of those people are going into specifics such as MySQL performance… just having a bunch of “oooohhh… fast now! thanks!” does not satisfy my informational needs, and the forum / blog comment formats are in many ways completely different worlds… much appreciated though!

Very good points, dwr! I’ll share what I can objectively:

  1. Several of my MySQL installations (primarily Joomla!, phpbb) that were very sluggish before the last updgrade are noticeably faster in responding. I don’t have a benchmarked metric, but I am intimately familiar with their traditional response, and that response is now improved. I suspect that is due to more efficient network processes, decreasing the latency I was experiencing going “off server” to the MySQL server, and back to populate/display the page.

  2. Annecdotally, all my pages are exhibiting a “quicker” page load (watching the Firefox status bar); the “lag” between successfully “connecting” via DNS, and “completion” of transferring the page data to the browser has dropped from noticable to “too fast to see” since the upgrade - static pages literally “fly”.

  3. Monitoring “uptime” from the shell - I have not seen my server loads reach an unacceptable level since the upgrade, where I did see that happen periodically before.

Of course, I still don’t like the “extra round trip” through the network that the DH network setup subjects MySQL based sites to, but it is now, in my experience, not objectionable. What lag I am now experiencing seems consistant with my lan, so I view it as a small price to pay for the expanded MySQL usability DH provides for the price.

I don’t know if any of that qualifies in your mind as helpful, but it is an accurate description of my observations since the maintenance was performed last night.


Yessir, that does indeed qualify! I’m presently using 1&1 which also hosts MySQL on a seperate server, and they are my “benchmark” as when I was trying Dreamhost out a few days or so ago my 1&1 hosted Wordpress blogs were performing much faster in side by side’s, so all things being equal with that regard I was definitely concerned.

I’d love to hear that Dreamhost’s issues really are solved and things are certainly looking that way. I’ll be keeping a close watch on things to make sure it sticks, I would really love to host my sites with them, as I’ve said before… I love the overall Dreamhost “vibe”.

I also hope some of the more pissed off customers will drop by and let us know how things are now going for them. It would hold a lot of weight coming from someone who’s sites were previously “crawling”… no offense at all intended toward you, as I said… that did indeed qualify, thank you very much for your input!

You are more than welcome! I’m happy to provide whatever objective input I can.

Me too! Frankly, I’m almost expecting that the improvements in their core routing will “expose” other problems that were masked by the general poor performance of their network - the references on seem to indicate this is already happening (they are now finding switches that need replacing).

For me, as long as they are continuing to “tune”, I think things will be much better for everyone as these"more limited" networking issues come to the forefront, no longer hidden in the “noise”. A network of that size is a “beast”. This one was “sick”, and they did some major surgery - that does not mean that they still don’t have to treat some other “symptoms” that didn’t seem important before, but now are noticeable. :wink:


They might, but I think their absence also says a lot. You should at least get to hear from forum regulars that were really upset, though.

Many of the ones that complained the loudest weren’t on the forum before the problems… and probably won’t be again unless there is another one. Venting is one thing, but trashing a forum where you’ve never made a single helpful post is just wrong. Then, also keep in mind that some of the ones spamming other hosts/referral links might not even really host here in the first place.

Since you still seem really interested, I’d probably do this: Keep monitoring the forum and for a few days, maybe even a week, until they basically say that everything is fixed… and there aren’t 100 posts saying otherwise.

Then, just sign up. You have 97 days to figure out if you like it or not, based on your own experience and expectations. You’ll see and feel exactly how it stacks up compared to 1&1, or any other hosts you’ve tried. You could even do it now and monitor the change yourself, if any on your particular server–but I’d probably wait so the 97 days are as useful as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is the percentage of customers that are or aren’t happy. I think some people forget that Dreamhost is HUGE, maybe because of the laid back tone and how open & accessible the honchos are.

In reality though, a smaller host with 5 unhappy customers might have a much worse overall percentage than DH if they had 100. I’d probably also avoid a host that only has one unhappy customer… if they only have two customers total. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same deal with a huge company like 1&1. On their best day, you could probably still find 100 people that hate them.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with THEFULL97.