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I just wanted to post here to let people know about this great Content Managment Site (CMS) called PostNuke (PN)located at I have been looking at a lot of CMS’s, and many of them require a lot of time money or loyalty to their product. So far PN’s core function seem to work very well on my dreamhost account. Installation wasn’t too hard to complete.

I do have some problems and questions. PN runs off of PHP / MySQL and I was wondering how hard it would be to transfer a MySQL database between two accounts. I have a client who is going to be hosted by dreamhost and I would like to develop on my account before they get there account. So at the end of the development process I want to be able to pass my PN information directly to their account. Can this be done?

Currently I am trying to install Gallery a open source project based at This is a great photo album organizer. There seem to be some issues running this on dream host shared servers though. Is there a way for dream host to run a shared version of this application, and or it’s may shared resources (i.e. netbpm ImageMagic, zip and unzip utillities)?

If anyone is working on similar project on the dreamhost shared servers I would love to hear about it…:slight_smile:

Gallery seems to be a defacto standard gallery script but I just couldn’t ‘bond’ with it. Image Arcadia looked promising but dropped off the face of the earth. I finally stumbled across Coppermine ( which seems very clean and very simple. It needs a few features (an approval queue with admin notification for uploads, for instance) but was very easy to set up. It uses ImageMagick instead of GD and does autothumbnailing (even auto-midsizing for larger images). Configuration and light customization was easy. I’m only starting to collect some images for our national site but you can see the nearly empty development start at

Have fun whatever you do. I’m also looking for a easy, user-submitted/admin-approved calendar event script to replace the very nice (but clunky interface) ActiveSuite Calendar. I’m strongly leaning toward the phpBB-integrated Calendar by snailsource, but am open to others. Easier is better. Cheers!

Hi Bob,

[quote]BTW, what’s wrong with the url/link function?


For whatever reason, I never enabled the ‘Markup’ feature for 3rd Party Software & Scripts when I created the forum. It should work now, though. :>

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I just purchased the csCalendar from and installed it in 10 minutes. It is really easy and allows others to ‘recommend’ events for the administrator to post to the calendar. You can see mine here:


Leah :slight_smile:

I’m loving Gallery. It’s definately easier to configure than Coppermine.

Good news on Gallery. Gallery 1.3.3, which was released December 27, 2002, supports the version of ImageMagick already installed on DreamHost servers. No more fooling around with netPBM.

Since my step-by-step notes for installing Movable Type on a DreamHost server were helpful to a few people, I wrote up step-by-step notes for installing Gallery on a DreamHost server while installing it tonight. Installing Gallery is definitely a lot trickier, but it’s still pretty manageable.

what is the path to the directory containing ImageMagick? should i download it and install it seperately?


You don’t have to download or install ImageMagick. Gallery is able to find the libraries because DreamHost installed them in the normal location. All you have to do is specify that you want to use ImageMagick instead of netPBM when you are configuring Gallery. You make that choice when you are on the “Configure Gallery” page.

FYI for the future, if you want to find the location of binaries, source, or man pages on a Unix system, try the following from a shell connection (telnet or ssh).

[dali]$ whereis ImageMagick

ImageMagick: /usr/lib/ImageMagick /usr/share/ImageMagick /usr/share/man/man1/ImageMagick.1.gz

I’ve been following directions here, and am having a lot of problems in the final analysis with the following errors;

Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /home/.ace/wrighco/ on line 53

Warning: fopen("/home/wrighco/", “w”) - Operation not permitted in /home/.ace/wrighco/ on line 53

Any thoughts?

Additionally, I’m showing that ImageMagik is not installed. Neither the whereis command at a shell prompt or the configuration script detect it. But, NetPBM seems to be okay.

using Gallery v1.3.3 (latest) on dreamhost.

I am having the same problems. I too can not find ImageMagik…

I have to ask since you typed “ImageMagik” in your post - are you entering “whereis ImageMagick” or “whereis ImageMagik”? The program name has a ‘c’ in it. Since the config script didn’t detect it either, though, I’m guessing the typo may just be in your post.

My account is on I guess it’s possible one of the newer machines is configured differently, but I thought ImageMagick was installed on every machine at DreamHost.

At what exact point are you getting the open_basedir warning? Each time I got that error, I followed the instructions at to get past it. I had to fix it twice, since Gallery overwrote my changes at the end of the install.