POST not work post_max_size is blank


This is ridiculous.

The post_max_size on the phpinfo file is blank. It reads M.

All the posts on the forms are blank. We had to pull down our sites.

We have been losing money since yesterday. This is horrible.

I havent heard back from customer support yet either.


The cross_posting variable is even more ridiculous.

It should be set to:


I just cant believe that the customer support hasnt replied back or fixed the problem yet.

Dont we have anyone from Dreamhost moderating this forum?

Shouldnt they be acting on it immediately?

Am I the only one affected?


If you are referring to some type of php forum, wiki or blog everyone is effected since yesterday it seems (including me).

If you read the Dreamhost status page comments: scroll to the bottom of page 3 and the top of page 4, you will see this issue is effecting all php based forums & blogs hosted with dreamhost.

Everyone’s worked early in the evening and went down at the same time. No one can log in and no one can post. It’s been 15 hours now & no response or actual post on the Status page about the issue from dreamhost yet.

And, I doubt they review these forums.


It seems that the phpinfo file was updated yesterday evening by Dreamhost and the post_max_size value was resetted to blank.

Since then the _POST variable on all forms are blank.

We had to pull down our sites as our customer couldnt login.

I think this should affect everyone sharing the server and using the same php.ini file.

How can dreamhost do nothing about it?


What’s your website address?

If they were, some might yell “Why aren’t you off fixing it?”

They likely are.

I doubt it.

Do you have any questions where the answers might help resolve your issues?


Good question.

A better question is why hasn’t this issue been addressed on the Dreamhost Status page with an ETA as to when it will be fixed?


You need to read the complete thread. I have stated the specific problem and the solution. I cant change the php.ini file only Dreamhost can do it. I hate depending on them for anything but thats how it works here.

We are not mind readers. We are paying for hosting and its the hosting company’s responsibility to communicate with their customers.
For starters, acknowledge that you have a problem and tell us that you are working on it.

Silence doesnt help at all.


Is it working now? My sites all just started working again.


yes, it finally did.


I read the complete thread. Sitting on your hands is not a solution. You can change the php.ini if you actually take the time to build one. By not building one you are putting yourself in a position of dependence.

Noone has to be a mind reader. We are paying for webhosting, not support for 3rd party scripts. It isn’t a host’s responsibility to communicate with their customers, although I agree it would be in their best interests and as far as I’m concerned DH do a damn fine job of it. For starters, acknowledge that you have a problem and pay attention to how you can remedy the situation yourself. If you do so, the next time something like this happens you will be in a position where you won’t suffer the downtime you appear to have had ‘this time around’.

Posting doesn’t help at all. Proactive administration does.


just got this message from Support:

The downtime that you experienced was caused by a issue in the PHP 4 config file preventing some POST data from being sent. We have tracked the issue down and configs ran on all machines that are effected. If you still notice any sites having issues with this problem please contact support again with the specific domain details. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience the downtime has caused.