Post-install MediaWiki config?

I did a one-click install of MediaWiki in “easy mode” - nothing was installed in my account. I was apparently not quite careful enough during the install process to get my logo and “wiki name” set properly, thinking I’d be able to do it after the fact.

But … I can’t see how I might do that after the fact! All of the DH support wiki entries think that I have access to LocalSettings.php … help?

As the Easy Mode section of the panel states, “In easy mode, you cannot access the files for the installation (so you can only use the themes/plugins/languages we’ve included), but installation, upgrades, and maintenance are all handled for you!” And then again in big red print: “WARNING! In easy mode you cannot install your own plugins or themes (though there are a number included). To have full customizability, pick advanced mode below.”

You’ll have to delete that installation and do the Advanced install instead.


Uh, OK. All I really want to do is fix the things that I could have done at install time - name of wiki and the logo URL. It would be nice to be able to do that after the fact…

now, to figure out how to delete!

OK … it’s not at all obvious how I delete this installation. It doesn’t exist in my file system. I can’t access the DNS record. Help?

Cool feature! You can customize the title and logo. I just installed a test wiki. Go to the panel for Goodies -> One Clicks and click on the Modify/Remove previously install software (Easy). You’ll see your wiki installation listed and you can fix those two options (including permissions) or delete the installation.


Hmm. I go to

and all I see is

[quote]Install new website software - Easy mode



[quote]Install new website software - Advanced mode


I don’t see any Modify/Remove…

This is the edit link it gives me:

I installed mine to SUB.DOMAIN.COM, so change yours accordingly and see if anything happens.


That link, suitably modified, worked great - thanks.

It appears that the reason I can’t see the edit/modify is some problem with permissions on my panel account. Trying to get that fixed now. (Interesting that I can go to the link directly!)