Post comment using WordPress

I just added Wordpress to my website (I did this by going into goodies and adding it from there).
The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to get people to be able to post a comment. I want it to be so that you dont have to be logged into in order to post a comment. When you go in and try to post a comment it says you need to enter your name and email, but I do.
Test it out to see what I mean exactly. My site is
Thank you!
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The comments is working for me, I entered my name, email, website and the comment itself.

Whats the problem again? Do you want to allow comments without having enter an email address at all? If this is the case I would advise against it, if I was you I would be chasing up a Wordpress API key and enabling the Akismet spam prevention plug in. Believe me, you will get spammed off the face of the planet without any form of spam prevention.

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