Possibly switching to DreamHost from Ipowerweb

I have a month left with Ipowerweb and I am absolutely sick of them. December 12th, 2005, hundreds of thousands of web sites hosted by Ipowerweb were shut down for 10+ hours due to a “network failure”. Since I run a political forum, this affected me greatly!

This month I spent a lot on advertising and which in return gave me tons of new members, and close to a thousand posts. When I woke up December 13th, everything was restored to December 1st. I didn’t get an e-mail from Ipowerweb explaining why this happened so I called them on the phone waiting for 30 minutes. They said they are very sorry about the matter, and that December 1st is the most recent restore they could do. A lot of work and money went down the drain this month so i’ve decided to do some host hunting.

My friend recommended DreamHost and I just wanted to learn a little more about you guys. Basically I was looking at the 9.99month plan and I was wondering how was the uptime here? Another problem I experienced from Ipowerweb is the Mysql connections limit of 50,000. Since my board has some activity, sometimes Ipowerweb would shut down my web site if it reached the limit. I have got to find a host that will not do something like that.

Would I be better off switching to Dreamhost? I can make a backup of my whole sql database and my web site, i’m hoping it will not be that difficult to transfer my forum over from Ipowerweb to Dreamhost…?

I’ve got a month to decide, but it looks like you guys are on the top of my list :slight_smile:


I think DreamHost (“DH”) will suit you pretty well. They do daily backups automatically, and you can do any restore operation yourself, from either the dail/weekly/monthly backups as you wish. The backups don’t include MySQL AFAIK, so for that you might want to have your own backup running. (The “how” is documented in the DH knowledge base.)

On the topic of your large user base, it would be worth figuring out if you would exceed the DH limits in terms of CPU time. Their SQL limits and bandwidth limits are insanely high so that will surely not be a problem for you. DH hosts many large sites so I would think that CPU is also not a problem.

Finally it should be noted that every host has occasional problems. DH just got hit by a massive DDOS attack which lasted a few hours, but in the years I’ve been with DH that has “only” happened twice. Apart from such events that you can’t plan for, there have been complaints about sporadic email and/or website outages. I have not felt any problems, but then I host a few small sites, nothing big and nothing where a business relies on 24x7 operation. Have a look around in these forums to see those discussions (but remember that the masses that don’t have any problems don’t post here, so the forum might be biased more toward the negative than is reality). DH Support response time varies but they strive to answer within 24 hours. If you need immediate answers then get a hosting plan with callback option, otherwise be prepared to wait some hours for a reply. (That’s not a problem for me, but others mention this.) Apart from the official Support, there’s also these forums as well as a knowledge base and a wiki, each of which is a source for help from customers.

Overall, I myself am extremely pleased with the services, terms, and prices of DH’s hosting plans. You could simply try it out and see if you like it. There’s a 97-day money back guarantee (that works, no questions asked), so you’re not risking anything – except the time it takes you to try out stuff here, when you only have one month to switch. You could use that time to play around and configure everything here so you can do a quick swap when you decide it works.

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If you run a mysql-intensive site, then Dreamhost isn’t going to be much better. They won’t shut you off, but they’ll put your site on a crippled server and then suggest you get a dedicated server. That’s probably the best option for you anyway if you run a site that gets that many hits.

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My last question would be the e-mail setup. I requested Ipowerweb to unlock my domain because I’ve just heard too many good things about DreamHost :slight_smile:

When I change over the dns servers to yours, will I still have my current email webmaster@defendingthetruth.com? I’m not entirely sure on how that works…I am planning on registering for soon with another domain as well managed by you guys. I just wasn’t sure on how the e-mail setup would work for my current domain.


Not initially, you will need to configure the mailbox for webmaster, or any others that you require.

Fortunately, this is very easy to do using the DreamHost panel.


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