Possible to Remove mod_php without issues on wordpress sites?

I have found documentation on the web which states the following:

“Enabling FastCGI for all PHP switches your site over to using mod_fcgid”

There is an checkbox option in the Dreamhost PS configuration page which states:

Disable mod_php:
Removes mod_php from the Apache web server. This will save a significant amount of memory if your site serves a lot of static :content. PHP-intensive sites may benefit more from setting all domains to use mod_php in Manage Domains and enabling a PHP cache"

So could I do disable mod_php if all my sites are configured as Fast CGI without an issue to save a bit on the memory? My websites are all wordpress sites. Xcache is of course enabled as well.

mod_php is not used on DreamHost VPS unless you’ve configured domains to use it — the current default is to use PHP via FastCGI (using mod_fcgid).

If you aren’t specifically using mod_php on any sites, you can turn it off and save some memory — there’s really no downside.

Thanks for the reply Andrew :slight_smile:

Is it possible to disable it on VPS with a lighttpd webserver? I tried disabling it and all my php.cgi processes went away, im using fcgi exclusively.

That’s what that option does for lighttpd — it’s only with Apache that you have a choice between an embedded PHP (mod_php) and an external one (cgi / fcgi).

Ok let me see if I get this right, if I disable mod_php when webserver is lighttpd that will disable php support on the webserver, on lighttpd fcgi is the only option right?

Correct. Since lighttpd and nginx both only support one way of running PHP (FastCGI), the “disable mod_php” option instead turns off PHP entirely for them. I’ll readily admit that it’s pretty weird.

Yeah it is a little bit confusing at first, because there is article in the wiki that says you can disable mod_php if you are using fcgi purely to save memory. Doing that disables php support though :). Guess that article refers to apache only.