Possible to park domain via cron?



is it possible to park a domain and unpark a domain with crontab?

I want to park a domain for 5 minutes every hour and then release the parked domain after the 5 minutes.

thanks in advance for the help


Doing any Panel operations from the command line is quite a trick. It’s been done, but it doesn’t seem very popular or easy to do.

I’m not even sure that parking a domain retains the original domain’s data should you want to go back. It’d be easier to write a script that renames your directory from “mydomain.com” to “mydomain.sav” and then rename a “mydomain.park” to “mydomain.com” and put your Parked page in the mydomain.park directory.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to do this?



because I have an online store and I need to update the inventory information once every hour. during this time, my script deletes everything in the mysql database and rebuilds the data into the database. I don’t want customers to view the website during this process. If I can park the domain once every hour during this process it would solve my problem.


In that case, the folder rename should work, as long as you don’t need your web frontend to update your inventory.



ok, i will try that out and see if it works for me. thanks again