Possible to get references from other nonprofits?

I’m on the board of a small animal rescue non profit and we need to move our site to another host. Is it outrageous to ask for references from other non profits that use DreamHost? We’re curious about things like support, uptime and company longevity. By that last, I mean we want whichever host we use to be around for us for many years coming.

Based on my experience of reading this forum for a little while, I think your question is very reasonable and acceptable in this forum.

Except, I’d suggest that you widen the question in order to get responses from any and all customers, not just non-profits. There ought not to be any way in which being a non-profit should affect your experience of support/uptime/company longevity.

I agree. There is a free account and free domain registration annually for a non-profit, but the free account is exactly the same as a basic shared hosting account.

Thanks for your interest in hosting with us. We do offer
free non-profit hosting for qualifying organizations with a 501©3 determination letter. Our non-profit plan offers the same features as our
’Shared’ plan. Please click on the following link to see what is included:

To help you get started and signed up, please visit the link to assist
you: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Non-profit_Discount

Once the above information has been received we’ll configure your account appropriately and you’ll be happily hosting your non-profit selves, forever!

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact us.

Matt C

Thanks DH Matt, that’s very helpful. One more question, if I may…

I see on your comparison page that you support many different programming tools. Do you know if Weebly is supported?

(We have an existing website but the people who currently support it for us have quit our organization. They are going to convert it to Weebly to make it easy for us to manage with little programming.)

Weebly is a free hosting service, not a tool. Works out fine for some things but it’s limited. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weebly