Possible to edit Mirror Subdomains?

I want to know how I can make small changes to a mirror subdomain, while still keeping the main domain the same. I want everything on the subdomain to be the exact same as the site, but with small changes to a template page.

Keep in mind that a mirrored domain doesn’t create a copy of the site that’s being mirrored — rather, it adds an extra name that can be used to access the original site. So it doesn’t exactly make sense to talk about changing just one of them, since they’re the same site.

If your site is built dynamically (e.g, it’s written in PHP or something similar), it may be possible to make the site behave differently based on what domain name is being used to access it, e.g.


<?php if($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "domain1.example.com") { ?>
content for domain1
<?php } else { ?>
content for other domain
<?php } ?>


If this isn’t the case, though, it may make more sense to set up the new domain as a second fully hosted domain, with a copy of the files from the main domain, and start changing it from there.

Thank You that information was exactly what I need to know.

I can do this with mirror subdomains or just subdomains in general that are not mirrors?

This particular technique only makes sense for domains (or subdomains) that have mirrors. If you don’t have any mirrored domains/subdomains, there will typically only be one valid hostname for the domain, so you don’t need this trick.