Possible to delete email attachment only?

I’d like to know if it is possible to delete an email attachment but not the email. Either through webmail or through an app (like Mail on a Mac). Anyone know?

You could forward it and delete the attachment before you send, leaving only the email content.

I know you can do it on the webmail.

Mutt can do this. v from the message index or pager, d on the particular attachment you wish to delete, q once or twice to get back to the index or pager, and $ to sync the mailbox (with default keybindings). It’s possible in Pine as well (v from the message itself to get to the list of attachments, d while selecting the attachment you wish to delete), but I think only if you delete the attachment and then save / delete the message).

Mutt leaves the MIME structure intact, but replaces the attachment with a placeholder.