Possible to change A record completely?


I am trying to use DH to route to third party vending. In following their directions to change the “A record” and “C” record…I see the correct change made as a sub-domain, however the “address” is still there and so not pointing to third party.

How do I change this…??

Thank you…VERY NEWBIE… It is bad when you don’t understand most of the questions in the begginer forum.

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Assuming you have both the domain and the sub domain fully hosted in the panel, delete the sub- domain entirely. Next click the DNS link under the base domain name and fill out the form with the sub-domain name there, then add your A or CNAME record from there.


Under the DNS I succeeded in adding an A record number, but in fields in lower half of page that are in an area that says “uneditable”, still is the other 173. number. Is it possible to edit the uneditable or is this the point I try to transfer domain name to Go Daddy, where I know doing the steps that I’ve done…will work


Support can edit the uneditable, however do you still have the sub-domain set as fully hosted? You don’t want that, you must delete the hosting on the sub-domain to get rid of the dreamhost generated entry for the sub-domain.


To remove the DreamHost A records, you will need to disable DreamHost’s hosting of the (sub)domain. Go back to the main Manage Domains page and click the “Remove” button under the Web Hosting column for the subdomain that you want to set your own A records for.

Don’t worry; that won’t delete any files. It’ll just make us stop hosting the domain and remove our automatically generated A records so that you can add your own.