Possible to begin site creation before hosting transfer complete?



Feel foolish here, but I was hoping I could begin setting up the files for my site before my hosting transfer into DH is complete. (I initiated the transfer on Tuesday, 10/8). As far as I can tell, both ends have initiated the transfer, but it’s incomplete and the DNS still point to my old host.

I want to rebuild the site completely – not transfer the files. I installed the 1 click WP, and received the set up email with the FTP link, but it points to the subdomain I created for it, which doesn’t seem to exist yet. I get a 404. Is this because the domain is in transfer? Is it possible for me to begin rebuilding the site before the transfer is complete?

Thanks for your time.


Yes! :smiley:

We provide you with a temporary URL, if desired, to let you do this.


Thank you! Just to make sure I understand, I could set up a mirror site at mysite.dreamhosters.com, and build my site there. But it seems using WP and later transferring it between the subdomain and regular domain is tetchy? I’ve read through the instructions for how to move my WordPress and I think that sounds a bit more advanced than I’m up for. Better to wait it out? Any suggestions for a newbie?
I appreciate your time.


Yes and no. It’s one of those things that’s annoying to do, but once you see how it works, it’s not so hugely terrible. Really you’re going to ‘move’ your site from yoursite.dreamhosters.com to yoursite.com.

Here are the official WP directions on moving your site: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#When_Your_Domain_Name_or_URLs_Change

For a Dreamhosters site, you’re really only doing a couple things:

  1. Move the files to their permanent location (if you’re mirroring what you installed at /home/you/yourdomain.com, you may be able to skip this)
  2. Change the Home and Site URLs to yourdomain.com
  3. Search/Replace your URLs to change them to the new one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/velvet-blues-update-urls/

That’s really it. I know it looks scary :slight_smile:

The other methods for ‘faking’ the URL via your hosts files are, IMO, more techy.


Thank you, by the way!