Possible DNS issues

Ok so yesterday I set up a new dreamhost account, pointed my domain from godaddy to the NS1/NS2/NS3.dreamhost.com nameservers, uploaded some files via 3rd party ftp.

Today when I go to my domain ( technolust.us ) I see the directory, with nothing in it. When I log into webftp I see my files. When I try to open the file, the file path is ~ kirby.dreamhost.com/myfiles. I am not really sure where to go form here with the troubleshooting.

Anyone got any ideas?

Without revealing too much about your credentials, can you elaborate on where you put the files and what the web directory is for your site (you can find that when you “edit hosting” for your domain in “Domains>Manage Domains” in the panel).

For example, my web directory is

/home/lensman/lensman.dreamhosters.comThe most common mistake people make when first hosting at dreamhost is that they get confused about where they’re supposed to ftp files to for their website, so we should check that out first!

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web directory:

and I ftp’d the files into what I thought was the root in my ftp directory.

[quote]web directory:

and I ftp’d the files into what I thought was the root in my ftp directory.[/quote]
It sounds like you just put the files in the wrong directory.

When you first connect via ftp, you find yourself in /home/username/ on DreamHost servers (the “root” to your ftp client). Your files should be placed into the technolust.us directory.


That worked, thanks much!

That’s great, and I’m glad to hear you have things working properly now! :slight_smile: