I am not very knowledgeable in dealing with new databases yet, thus the question - what is the port used to connect to mySQL databases on DreamHost servers?

Also, somebody recommended using mySQLFront, but when I looked it up I discovered that it has been discontinuted, which probably means there is something better out there. Since there are so many pros on this forum, perhaps you can suggest another tool, which is free, and accessible to someone who has never worked with a mySQL database before.

Guys, thanks in advance (if you’ll answer)

MySQL connections are made on port 3307 which is the default MySQL port.

Each database you setup, the Dreamhost system automatically installs and confiugures phpmyadmin as a web front-end to administer your database. This is a pretty powerful tool and the most widely-used amongst us folks who like a nice GUI to their database. This should be sufficient for all your needs.

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Actually, it’s 3306.

Damn. Close. :slight_smile:

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[quote]Damn. Close. :slight_smile:


Not really. In between there are:

  • 3306.25
  • 3306.14159265358979323846264
  • 3306.1/3rd

Of course, these are rather nonstandard ports, but we at DreamHost are firmly committed to offering the very latest in technological advances to our loyal customers.

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Wil, Will, Jeff,

thank you so much for being so patient and helpful - this was the first message I’ve posted, but I’ve read a few of the other threads, and found lots of useful information there, much of which comes from you guys. I’m new to DreamHost, and mySQL, for that matter. I’ll definitely come back to the forum for more advise.


Hi Anon -

[quote]Wil, Will, Jeff,


Thanks for the complement, but to be honest I’m not sure how helpful my message was. :>

Have a great weekend!

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