Port forwarding based on referring address?

OK, I got the CNAME thing all setup so svr2.vrillusions.com forwards to my home server. And I did some testing and my ISP aparently doesn’t block port 80 any more. So that I got working. The question I have now is if it is possible to redirect to a different port based on the hostname? Kinda like a CNAME that allows to have the port specified as well. This is because I have a web based administration for my home automation stuff and wanted to have it so that if I used, say, automation.vrillusions.com it would basically be vrillusions.dyndns.org:889 (or svr2… above) instead of using something like svr2.vrillusions.com:889 Like I said, it’s not a big deal, I could just set up a simple redirect so that the automation sub-domain points to that port. Just a little appearance thing and perhaps someone knows how to do this.

btw, this web based server is run from within the automation program, not Apache. Because I know I can setup “virtual” servers so that if you go to something like svr3.vrillusions.com it would be a different website then svr2 even though they are both on the same computer (similar to how you can have a certain number of full service sub-domains at DH)

Todd Eddy

I’m 86% sure you will have to use a redirect of some sort. The DNS has no concept of ports (well that’s not 100% true, but SRV records are not implemented by any clients and thus aren’t very useful).