Port 80 Traffic Not Sent with CNAME DNS Record

I set up a CNAME record to ssh into my home PC and run a small webserver. I pointed the CNAME record to my no-ip.biz domain, which handles the dynamic IP address.

I can ssh into my machine from pc.mysite.com, but when I try to visit pc.mysite.com in the browser, I get the Dreamhost bad_httpd_conf error. When I visit xxxx.no-ip.biz, I can access the webserver just fine, so my router is forwarding the port correctly.

Why isn’t traffic on port 80 being sent?

EDIT: Never mind, I guess that it was just caching. That took a while to update.


Exactly. Dreamhost sets TTL on DNS records to 4 hours (assuming it hasn’t changed, I haven’t looked it up lately), therefor even if no-ip.biz sets a low TTL because they are dealing with dynamic records the change won’t wipe out the cached record for 4 hours after it was cached.