Port 80 / PHP allow_url_fopen

hello, I hope someone can help. I have installed the latest version of zencart onto my site, and would like to use paypal as a payment method. I need these following requirements:

**Port 80 is used for bidirectional communication with the gateway, so must be open on your host’s router/firewall
*PHP allow_url_fopen() must be enabled

Are these already open and enabled on dreamhost? I’m not sure where to check.

Port 80 is the standard port for www traffic, so there will be no problem there. Unfortunately, allow_url_fopen is disabled for security reasons. I cannot think of any reason why the Zen Cart would need this enabled in the first place.

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thanks for your reply. all of this is very confusing to me! hopefully paypal will still work, I’ve had a lot of problems with it in the past though :frowning: