POP3 stopped working

The Knowledge Base says:
What is my POP3 username to check mail sent to my email address?
You can find your email username by going to our Web Control Panel and clicking on the “Mail” tab. Then click on the “Mailboxes” area directly underneath that tab, and you’ll get a list of the usernames of all the pop3/imap accounts at your domains!

Well, sorta. Actually, I go to the “Mail” tab and click on “Addresses.” There is no “Mailboxes” option.

When I click on “Addresses,” I get the following information about my primary email address:
“Mailbox name” – "Carol Hall"
Login – jpdenico

I used jpdenico in my email program (Calypso) and it worked just fine for several days. Now it doesn’t. I get an error when I try to log in. Am I supposed to have some sort of “mxxxxxxx” address? If so, where would I find out what mine is? And why does something that used to work no longer work?

your main mailbox is usualy something reasonable (jpdenico is probably correct) the mxxxxxxxx box come with your additional addresses (if any).

But, I don’t know why your pop3 login isnt working. Can you look at the log for you mail program and see why it’s failing?
i would also try contacting support.


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Thanks for responding, Jason.

I deleted and then recreated my account in my mail program and now it works. Go figure. If it goes out again, I’ll do a support ticket.

I really appreciate your response.