Pop3 mail not working

ever since the spacey cluster move, i cannot connect via pop3. i can via IMAP and webmail.

no settings changed on my end. i’ve posted several tickets since 10am eastern yesterday, but i’ve only gotten one automated response.



I’m terribly sorry about the problems you’re seeing with your domain or account. The issues you were seeing were related to the recent move of our “spacey” server cluster. We let all of our users know about this move on Nov 16th. You can see that post here:


Most of the issues that arose from this move, should be resolved now. If you’re still seeing problems, please reply back to support, and let us know what’s happening.

NOTE: this is an automated message in response to messages about the spacey cluster move. If you’re still having problems, let us know. We apologize for the oversite.


i’m very frustrated with the lack of any real response from dreamhost, going on 30 hours now with no real response. even just an acknowledgment that they were aware of the issue and looking into it would be better than one automated response and nothing else.

anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

What happens when you try to connect? Does it tell you something about a username or password failure, or that it can’t connect? If you have shell access, you can log in and then try:
telnet mail.YOURDOMAIN.com 110

This will connect to the POP port on 110 and should at least say OK that you connected. Then you can type:
USER you@yourdomain.com
PASS yourpassword

What’s your domain? We can at least see if it’s responding to POP requests.


It might not have anything to do with DreamHost … Google searches for the error message blame antivirus software.

Regardless of your mail client its rather easy for a geek to debug POP3 access using the telnet client.

telnet mail.mydomain 110
+OK Hello there.
USER username
+OK Password required.
PASS password
+OK Logged in.
1 2345
2 4352
3 2323
+OK Bye-bye.

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