POP to IMAP issues


I’ve finally decided to move my 9 email accounts from POP to IMAP. I use Entourage 2004 for my email client, so it’s taking me quite a while to move all 178 Folders/Subfolders in my “Folders on My Computer” hierarchy over to the IMAP section.

Question: after I recreated about 12 of the folders/subfolders in the IMAP section, I got the following error message:
“Cannot create this folder. The IMAP folder could not be created.” This is happening with top level folders as well as folders. I’ve tried restarting Entourage, but still am stuck and not able to continue adding more replicate folders under my different IMAP email accounts.

Is there some kind of limitation with DreamHost and IMAP folders? Is there anything else I should know about setting up IMAP, or how DreamHost deals with IMAP? I’m new to this, so any ideas would be great.

Thank you.

G5 2Ghz tower-10.4.3-a billion Ram-dual 20" LCDs


Since you’re using IMAP, using another email client should be trivial–just configure the new client to point it to the IMAP server.

I’d do that with Mozilla Thunderbird and use that to make the folders you need. If you can create the folders you need with TB, perhaps you’re running up against a silly limit in Microsoft Entourage?

You could also try Apple Mail, it might also let you more easily recreate hierarchies of nested folders (and their corresponding emails). I don’t recommend installing or using proprietary software, but if you’ve already got MacOS X you’ve already got Apple Mail.