POP to IMAP Conversion?

I have several email accounts on my DreamHost sites. They are all POP. Is it possible to change them to IMAP?

It is not necessary to change anything in the DreamHost Web Panel. However when configuring an e-mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) you simply indicate IMAP instead of POP!

BTW I use Thunderbird and I would go about making the switch simply by Adding a new account with the same details (but again IMAP not POP) and then just drag and drop any folders from the account that was using POP before removing that account.

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Just change your email client settings to use IMAP :wink:


I mean: What Atropos7 said!

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If you still like POP’s features, you can configure one client to use POP and your other clients to use IMAP. That way you can check your email sitting on the server from an IMAP client, and you don’t download and remove that email until you check using the POP client.

What’s to like about POP if you have the space?