POP server problem

I’m unable to retrieve all four emails currently (as of 7/15/01, 6:44pm PST) from my annehutchinswebdesign.com domain (annehutchins.com is okay…so far). I’m only able to download the first message, then Outlook tells me that the “server has disconnected” me. Hope it comes up again soon – this is the most important of the two domains.


Using your Dream Host Control Panel is the most effective way of alerting support staff to your problem:


As the introduction/informative page to this forum states:

[quote]Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the KBase or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.
Wil Stephens