POP or IMAP ...?

I’ve always used POP for my e-mail accounts. Does it really matter if you use POP or IMAP?

I’m presently having an issue:

Unable to verify SSL server mail.vjandrews.com

Mail was unable to verify the identity of this server, which has a certificate issued to “*.mail.dreamhost.com”. The error was:

There is no root certificate for this server.

You might be connecting to a computer that is pretending to be “mail.vjandrews.com”, and putting your confidential information at risk. Would you like to continue anyway?

I tried setting up several IMAP accounts (kept all of my POP accounts though), but couldn’t notice any difference.

I can’t delete the POP accounts or else I will lose all of my e-mail. Is there some way to change the POP accounts to IMAP accounts, without losing any e-mail messages?

I using Mac mail on my iBook G4, OS X 10.4.11

– vja4Him

All accounts on our servers are both IMAP and POP3 - how they operate is solely dependent upon your client. To switch the exiting account

That certificate error is just a domain mismatch - just accept it and proceed and you will have an SSL connection.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thanks! I think I figured it out. I turned off SSL for all of my accounts, and the error message is gone.

But, one of my Clearwire e-mail accounts continues to load messages all over again.

I need to call Clearwire today. Maybe they will be able to figure it out this time … It’s been several years now, and I’ve had nothing but trouble with Clearwire e-mail.

– vja4Him