Pop mail down?

I can’t login to macca-l.org or macca-l.net to get my mail via pop mail. (Eudora) I have several mailboxes on each domain that I can’t get into. Is there a mail problem?

yes, well at least those who are on the SACK mail server are reporting issues. what mail server are you on?

make sure you contact support.

I’m on jareth and mine is down as well.

I think it is a widespread problem.

I’ve got 3 domains on server ‘jareth’ that are also down.


Ok, this will sound totally blonde but I wasn’t sure until I telnetted in just now. org is on soda and net is on kenobi. Would mail be on the same servers?

A correction. org is on jareth. I’m trying to fire up Pine and it came up as jareth when I tried to login. Not sure about net yet.

you can view your mail servers under your panel, go to the domains>> manage, there you will see your mail server name.

Thanks. The panel confirms that mail for macca-l.org is on jareth.