POP email downloader


Does anyone out there know of a script that can download email from a remote POP3 server, and deliver it to another address, checking for new mail every 5 minutes or so, on a chrontab?

I ask because I’ve started forwarding all my email to OnlyMyEmail.com to weed out all the spam and viruses, and they only let you access your filtered mail via POP3, whereas I’d like to keep all my mail on an IMAP server.

I’d like to set something up where my mail gets forwarded to my OnlyMyEmail.com account (as it does already). Then is automatically pulled from their POP3 server and delivered into my IMAP mailbox here on DreamHost every few minutes.

Can anyone suggest a script that can do this? I’ve asked DreamHost, and they say that they may be implementing this exact feature in future, but I want spam-free IMAP mail now! :slight_smile:



Look at getmail or fetchmail.

Another option, other than using getmail or fetchmail, which Will mentioned, is to use a mail hosting provider that supports IMAP. This way you don’t have to deflect your email all over the place and you can use a powerful robust IMAP server and have the option of using a decent web-based IMAP client. I like Tuffmail.com and their Cyrus IMAP server and HORDE-3.0.6/IMP-4.0.4 webmail client, but there are many other options. I’ve got lots of research about this on my IMAP Service Providers page.

DreamHost is good for web hosting, but mail hosting has become such a nightmare that it is almost always best to host your mail with a provider who is 100% focused on mail hosting.

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