POP e-mail retrieval to dreamhost mailbox

This should be easy but I can’t figure it out…

I am currently using runbox.com to manage my e-mail. There is a setting on the control panel to allow you collect mail into your inbox from other POP accounts.

As I have a dreamhost account with unlimited IMAP mailboxes, it seems pointless to keep my runbox account going (I do not use the address - I have my own domains). I would like to collect mail from my various POP accounts and deposit it (via spamassasin) into my dreamhost IMAP mailbox. I just can’t find a was to do it through the mailbox/webmail interface.

Is this possible, either using the web interface or via scripts?


you can’t check multiple email accounts in webmail. you also can’t run nondreamhost mail accounts through spamassasin. the only thing you can do is set up those other email accounts to forward to your dreamhost account.

you can also set up your domain’s mail to go through gmail. from there you can set the gmail interface to check multiple pop accounts and take advantage of google’s spam filter.