Poor Google rankings for UK website

I’m having problems getting a good ranking with Google.CO.UK

The website is here www.penywaun.net a UK website, UK content, but obviously run with Dreamhost on an American server

In the main Google international search, this website is listed very high, but in the UK search it doesn’t figure prominently.

Should I be using a .co.uk domain suffix, or are there other issues ?



I’m not sure why Google UK doesn’t rank you as highly, but there are certainly things that you can do to improve your ranking generally. There are 3 things I noticed when I looked at your site:

  1. The META elements are invalidating your XHTML (use lowercase tags only). Add “uk” and “united kingdom” to your keywords and description, because they only mention Wales at the moment.
  2. Your “content” should come nearer the top of your document. You are already using CSS, so you should consider reordering things so that all the sidebar/nav link crap is below your main content.
  3. Consider “helping” Google with things like Geo tags (although still in lowercase).

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It’s page 1 for me for:


But it does stand out that 8 or 9 of 10 results are .uk domains.

More “good” links don’t usually hurt. :wink:

Hirwaun Online for news about Hirwaun, Wales, UK history, discussion, photos, events, community groups and much more.

They hired more support help.
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