Poodle Attack, SSL 3.0 Vulnerability,

Redhat resolution link for SSL 3.0 issue:

And fix for common browsers:

We’re already on it — web server configurations that disable SSL 3.0 are in the process of being rolled out.


Note that this means that some users with very old web browsers (most notably, Internet Explorer 6) will be unable to access secure sites hosted on DreamHost servers. If you have users that cannot upgrade to any other browsers, let us know; we can reenable SSL 3.0 for select sites if needed. (But be aware that this will make your site fail some security scans!)

Thanks DH. I guess this is the end of IE 6 already. :slight_smile:

It was officially declared end of life long ago by MS, and others have even held funeral services. :slight_smile: 2001 to 2010 though - not a bad run for a single version of a web browser!