Pondering Options -- Seeking advice

Hello, all!

I’ve spend some time reading through all these threads and they’re very helpful, so as someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about server needs, I thought I’d seek some advice.

My website (it’s a silly, little–but popular) General Hospital fansite that provides lots of image and video downloads (uses Wordpress and Coppermine scripts) is currently hosted at Yahoo! Small Business on their shared server. I’ve recently experienced much frustration as the site has seemed to outgrown the shared server they provide.

Because Yahoo! has “unlimited” bandwidth usage, they are unable to determine the amount of bandwidth I use per month. All I know is that the error logs state that I sometimes have about 100-150 simultaneous connections and that is not supported by Yahoo!

I’m looking at Dreamhost as a possible new host, though I’m going to assume that their shared hosting also wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of usage.

I cannot get the DH dedicated server, as I do not have the knowledge to manage it myself, but does anyone know if a VPS would work in my case? I know I don’t have my stats, but from experience??

Also, I do host images and videos…would DH consider those a infringement of their TOS? I definitely would not want my site to be deleted if I move over.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Hosting GH images and (especially) video puts you on very shaky ground. TOS forbids hosting copyrighted material without permission. For that reason alone, I recommend against hosting here, unless you can live without hosting GH copyrighted material.

I don’t understand where I should host? I started at WordPress, who sent me to DreamHouse to register names. After registering about 7 names at full price each, It was time to host. I wasn’t sure if I was to go back to WordPress to host or just stay at DreamHouse? What is the difference? I also wanted to start one on my iWeb. But Mobile Me told me I need to go to the Registrar and change the CNAME (ALIAS) “WWW” TO web.me.com. I couldn’t figure out where to do this?

Also, do I need to register a google blog at DreamHouse or can I do that at Blogger? I assume I do because there was a whole section on google hosting. but wouldn’t my domain be different? as google has .blogspot in the domain name. IOW, can you have the same name on two different blogs? For ex. MyName.com & MyName.blogspot.com?

Thanks, sorry for all the questions!

Please start a new thread and repost, as what you’re asking is a completely different situation.

Sorry, I thought this question fit just fine under the Title: Pondering Options–Seeking advice.