poMMo mailing progrem

He is the link to the install instructions for an open source mysql mailing program I am looking at. Will the requirements of the install work with DH?


the PHP and MySQL requirements are set. I’m not positive about the apache setting though - perhaps some one else knows.

Are you also aware that there’s a limit on the number of E-mails you can send out from your website per hour? It may not be very functional for you to install a mass mailing software on your account. Have you considered the DH provided one in the panel?

Also, if you want to keep your account, you should make sure that you’re in compliance with DH’s anti-spam requirements in the TOS.

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Yes I am aware of the outgoing limits on bulk email but with a list of 500 the throttle feature would get them out overnight. Also aware of the anti-spam requirements.

If anyone knows about the Apache question please let me know.