Poll Script


I need some help… I’ve been looking for an open source polling script that displays the results in realtime.
Heres an example of a script I found that does do that.

It is called phpVote.
The thing is, this needs to have register_global turned on in the php.ini file. I’ve read that this is not secure. If someone could point me to a script that does what I need, or a solution to get this one working.

I’m not too familiar with php. It was suggested to me to recode it to not use register_globals. Would this be an easy thing to do?

Any direction would be appreciated! Thanks!

I’ve used and liked Advanced Poll, which is available as a one-click. Its output looks much like what’s in your link.


Thanks Scott,

Awesome script! A question for you… Would you know how to remove this feature.

I have it set up that both the vote and results windows of the poll are being shown on the page at the same time. Currently when you vote and submit it, it redirects the vote window to the results. So now I have after voting two result windows are showing at the same time. Can I remove that redirect for the vote window? So It just shows “You have already voted” and doesn’t redirect.

Hope this makes sense.