Poll: Disk Usage

Out of the generous 218 GB (and growing) that you have been given, how much have you folks used thus far? I am planning on making an offsite backup of all my photos and having Gallery manage my collection. Like my other sites, they are going to be relatively low-traffic with a good 'ol robots.txt to prevent crawlers from sifting through it. Thanks!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I actually use less than the extra (20GB or so) I have been given since being with DreamHost.


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ha, i don’t know where to hide myself. i use less than 1GB.

Can I share my extra space for somebody else and how?

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I use a fair amount of bandwidth, not quite the total, but decent enough, because we offer Podcast files of our radio shows.

But storage space remains under 3GB, so far at least :slight_smile:

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, The Paracast

At last check I’ve used only about 6GB. Need to try a little harder. :smiley:

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Today: 15 GB
+Month: > 200 GB

Lemme explain… I’ve been giving this some thought lately and am curious about other perspectives. My personal experience with DH’s services has been a mixed record, but the most reliable service by far has been disk access. Through SSH and (S)FTP. And their backups appear to have been just as stable.

Through the magic of WEBDAV and SSHFS, I can easily open up that reliable remote storage to my users. Actually, I already do this but have been slow to migrate data to the new services enabled by this explosion of space(personal NFS!, remote backup as just two examples). In addition to disorganization, part of my slow adoption has been weariness over quickly becoming totally reliant on DH for access to my own data. Again, it’s been their most reliable service in my experience but I don’t have an SLA with these folks and data loss is THE original sin.

SO, I’ve been experimenting with different schemes that give me a bit of insurance. And I’m ready to open the taps a bit wider and begin to use more space. This all leads to a chain of thinking that leaves me hoping that whatever DH’s formula for (“over”)selling vs. growing REAL bandwidth is, it allows for a steeper “run curve” than perhaps similar formulas used by banks and the like when calculating what kind of reserves are appropriate.

(Information)technology sees incredibles spikes no? Think the use of video in the past 2 years vs. the 10 before them. While not known by everyone now, and used by even fewer, technologies like WEBDAV and SSHFS are already bleeding their way into Joe consumer’s awareness. It’s completely feasible to me that DH will see a noticeable spike in disk usage over the next year or two. I hope they’ll be ready for it.

BTW, sshfs is much faster than webdav and has the extra bonus of not requiring you to have to setup https(and pay for a static ip) just to enjoy “secure” file services.


I’m currently using just under 9GB, about 4% of my 216GB.

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97 MB of 464656 MB <— it’s cause the server disk space isn’t being calculated :stuck_out_tongue: (now Kelly knows why he has to add so much space to the leary cluster).

Btw, I’m on code monster.


9G of 442G


Disk: 36% of 219.8 GB

80GB. I’ve been using dreamhost to backup a fair amount of my stuff to.

Total Provided: 209920.000 MB
Currently: 1912.652 MB

75% of that is used by my best friend’s music and video files that I converted for her new Zune player.
The only other thing I can see using all that space for is backups of various junk on my computer, which mostly gets burnt to a dvd anyways, but ah well.
She’s getting into webdesign/databases atm, so I’m hoping sometime this summer she’ll find interest in starting her own website and use up more space! xD

6 GB out of 206 GB I currently have available. The strange thing is that my account uses around 30 MB more space every day even though I’m not uploading and my Gallery cache isn’t growing that fast to be the culprit.

That sounds like it might be email, particularly if you are using IMAP and have any degree of saved mail (particularly w/attachments). You’d be surprised how fast that stacks up! :wink:


I’m using just 4.9GB, about 2% of 210GB provided.
Total Provided: 215040.000 MB
Currently: 5016.035 MB

Collection of Funny Pictures

Currently: 12120.672 MB
Total Provided: 211968.000 MB
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BUGabundo :o)
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Disk: 0%
Xfer: 0%

I thought the meters were broken. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Total Provided: 457776.000 MB
Currently: 25786.781 MB

A lot of that is not web-accessible though, I use my space to back up odd files and school projects.

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It’s crazy how it takes effort here to use up your allocations. Of course there’s the guys that don’t want to mention that they’re paying extra for storage…


I “only” use 3.5 Gb’s. Even so most of Dreamhost users use a lot less than us. Some of them must be using less than 50 Mb (a small blog, or a static page) :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m at 230 MB out of my allowed 218 GB. funny, my site was around 50 MB before i moved to dreamhost – of course that count didn’t include mysql data, which is slightly more than half of my 230 MB.

with all this extra space i should probably start another site and use my free domain registration!