Politics in the DreamHost Newsletter

As a brand new DreamHost user getting my first newsletter, I was troubled and offended with it beginning with what appeared to be a satirical piece making fun of our president. If I were a Trump supporter, I would find this extremely offensive. If I were a Trump opposer, I would not wish to have my business associates bringing up a devisive topic which makes me unhappy and uncomfortable. I immediately went to my preferences and unsubscribed from your newsletter.
I presume the newsletter is a place to learn information and keep up to date with what is going on at DreamHost. Politics and satire in such a publication strike me as inappropriate, distracting and a good way to upset your customers.

We aim to make the intros attention-grabbing so that people will be more likely to read them. There’s a lot of good info in there every month and we want to make sure it’s getting read. It sounds like we may have missed the mark with you this month and we’re sorry.

Good thing it’s easy to unsubscribe :slight_smile:

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Snarky responses do not instill confidence in your customer support. How about saying “Yeah, we’re sorry. We should be more careful with what we post and we will aim to do better at that.”

It’s pretty evident that you’re a new DreamHost customer, or you’d know that snarky newsletters are a DreamHost tradition going back over a decade.

It’s basically impossible to write something that’s not boring that doesn’t offend somebody out there. That’s why, as staff say, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Newsletter unsubscribe links are usually preceded with some super-snarky line practically begging you to click unsubscribe, for example:


P.S. - If an eternity of bliss just isn’t for you, consider unsubscribing:


P.S. - Please read Wool by Hugh Howey. Or unsubscribe from this awful, awful fan fiction here:


P.S. - The Internet’s seedy underbelly is strewn with newsletters full of offensive, worthless content. Help me clean this place up and consider unsubscribing from this filth:



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I for one LOVE the unconventional DreamHost newsletters. They’re fun to read even if the jokes sometimes miss the mark.

If you’re offended by businesses making political statements or engaging in politics, then you’ll need to do thousands of hours of research in order to figure out how to set up relationships with truly apolitical businesses.

Good luck finding those… there aren’t very many of them.


Josh Jones newsletters are part of why I signed up at Dreamhost. The current author, Brett, tries to mimic Josh’s style, but has done a very poor job for years. It’s also gotten to the point there is very little content of any value.

like farting on a plane… or putting photo of two kissing guys on a remixer… while services crashes happens more and more often… and you force users to delete files because you bought so expensive ssd drives these are too precious to keep files on them and you do not give one-to-one replacement for static file storage… not really that cool or funny…

Thanks everybody for your feedback: it’s been noted. I’m closing this thread now.