Policy rejection - quota exceeded -- oh no I didn't!

I need help with this policy rejection quota – it’s SUCH a thorn in my side! Is it Outlook or is it Dreamhost (my guess is the latter)

I had to send an email to 60 of our members this moning and so I broke the group into 5 batches and sent 5 separate emails so not to trigger any spam thresholds.

No such luck. One of the five went through (as far as I can tell, since I had myself on it) but I got a response saying that I had exceeded the quota (which is supposed to be 200, right?) and now I’m not even sure which emails went through versus which did not.

I am not a spammer in any way. I’m just trying to email people who signed up for our butterfly identification class the information they need for next saturday’s class.

Why was the quota exceeded and what can we do to fix this? It really impacts my ability to provide our members with the information they need.

By the way, I have not sent any other emails today so there’s no way I exceeded the 200 threshold…I’m still on my first cup of coffee…

Thanks much,

100 for SMTP (what you would be using from outlook) account, 200 for shell accounts.

Thanks for the link – only thing is, I didn’t send any emails other than the 60 this morning so I really am not sure what caused this. I didn’t go over 100 even.

I saw on that link that you can trigger the policy quota if it thinks you “might” exceed it. That doesn’t seem right.

Open a support ticket, cite the time and ask them to look into it. They can check the mail logs and tell you why it happened.

Then if you learn anything new thats not on the quota link, come back here and tell us about it please!![hr]
thinking about this a little more, it’s possible that you or whoever configured your web application set it up to use smtp instead of php or shell account email.

This would mean that any emails the website itself is sending (such as registration / password reset / etc) are also counting against your quota. If this is the case you maybe able to reconfigure so that those emails are counting against the 200 shell quota instead of the 100 smtp quota.

cool - I’ll do that. Many thanks!