Policy: Personal Storage & Backups

RE: Policy Clarification: Personal storage & back-ups…

2 questions:

  1. How can I find out if I’ve been “grandfathered” in on the Bandwagon promo ?
  2. How will this be enforced?, meaning will we be notified and told to take down certain files, or will they simply be deleted, or even worse will our accounts be shut off?

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like a I have 200GB of backups stored, but I do occasionally backup files to DH that I would like to retrieve remotely (for example when I go out-of-town, etc…).

Have you read the comments? They are actually pretty illuminating - particularly the comments from Jeff (naturally):

[quote]We’ll police it like people, not like robots. :slight_smile:

We know full-well the difference between someone who happens to have a few files that are password protected or otherwise inaccessible versus someone who is using us as a file drop for their DVD collection, music collection, daily back-ups of their home computer’s hard-drive, etc.

Obviously this will require some judgment and discretion on the part of our administrative staff as to what is and isn’t a “blatant” violation of the policy, but we trust that our customers are smart enough to know whether or not they are really using the service for its intended purpose of hosting web sites.

While this policy isn’t new it does seem that a lot of people weren’t aware of it (in part because we have historically been pretty lenient), so we’re not going to be overly obnoxious about enforcement (ie. it’s not like a spam policy or copyright violation where you risk immediate disablement without refund - in most cases we’ll probably just ask that people clean up their home directories).[/quote]
Not to mention, that as usual the thread provides its share of laughs.

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  1. If you were a “Bandwagon” subscriber before the policy was clarified, you are grandfathered; if you were not, then you are not grandfathered.

  2. I can only guess at how that situation would be handled, though I would suspect that it probably has a lot to do with what you were storing and how much storage is involved. I think if you are worried about it you should ask that question directly of DreamHost support (as they are the only ones who could give you an authoritative answer on that one).