Pokey CP and announce lists

I have been with DH for a few months now, generally happy. I now have 11 domains in my account and it’s going along nicely except for a few issues that are driving me batty:

  1. The control panel is ridiculously, painfully slow. Sometimes it’s snappy, sometimes it takes me days to do something because I load up the CP, click a button and then open other tabs to do things to kill the time while the page I want is trying to load. When the page finally responds, I no longer have the time to do what I wanted to do. By the time I write to support about it, it’s okay so nothing ever gets done. Please tell me there’s some plan to overhaul this beast. Like right now, I’ve managed to read a few threads and post this message, all while the CP is trying to pull up the “announce list” tab so I can post something.

  2. Which brings me to my next quibble…Why do I have to send mail to announcement lists through the CP? I want to be able to designate someone as a “moderator” for my announcement list so they can send posts too, but I don’t want to give them user access to the CP. Not to mention that I have to make sure that I get all my announcement list email because it’s the only record of the postings that I have. It’s my understanding that I’m not allowed to use Mailman for one-way lists, is that true? I have something I have to send out to a list about a meeting next week, and I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to get in to the CP in order to post it. The less time I have to spend trying to get around the CP, the happier I am.

  3. Why does it take 2-4 hours (on average) to set up an email account? Every other host I’ve ever used activates new mail accounts within minutes, if not seconds.

Still trying to load the #$@%^ announcement list CP. Seems to be a consistent morning problem. Grrrrrr…

I’ll second the slowness complaint. Took me 20 minutes to get in to my CP this AM.

It’s always disconcerting because it is not like we can just call someone to see what the deal is, and tech support inquiries often go unanswered for 24 hours or more. (I have one going on 16 hours right now…)

When things work, DH is great. When you need an answer (or at times just reaching your CP) it is excruciating.

A third to comments #1 and #2 above, and an attempt to keep a thorough and well written appeal regarding the insanely slow control panel at the top of the thread list. I am also sitting here writing this watching a CP tab crank away attempting to load an announce list form.

Which brings me on to point #2, the announce list functionality is neat, but needs the ability to post via email. Perhaps I am also simply an idiot for not configuring a moderated mailman list to accomplish this task, but I’ve already built around the announce list function and would rather stick.

Bottom line; the control panel is /regularly/ dysfunctionally slow. Sympathizers, there is a suggestion on the vote list for this, but drop a reply here as well.

Thanks DH, overall extremely happy with your service.

… and no, the page /still/ hasn’t loaded.

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