Pointing to Dreamhost

Hi guys,

I am having issues pointing my wordpress.com site to my dreamhost account. I already have another site with dreamhost, and i now want to switch from wordpress.com to a hosted option.

I have added the site to my domains in my dashboard, and i have changed the name servers in wordpress, to dreamhost. I have then installed wordpress on this domain, but every time i click on the email to go to my newly-hosted wordpress site, it brings me back to the wordpress.com one!

I cant help but feel i’m missed something fundamental here. I would appreciate any help.


You need to update your WHOIS info to use the DreamHost name servers. This is done where you have registered your domain. It sounds like you did this if you registered your domain at Wordpress.com. (I wasn’t aware that Wordpress was a domain registrar).

If you’ve done all of the above, it may take 24 hours or so for the name server change to propagate.