Pointing subdomain to mumble server


I currently have a mumble server running on an outside VPS. I want to direct a subdomain of a domain I have registered through DH to the mumble server.

For example:
Mumble server IP:
DH domain: www.example.com
-> point mumble.example.com to

I have already created mumble.example.com. In “Manage Domains” under “Web Hosting” it says “redirect:”.

However, when I try to connect to mumble.example.com through mumble, it does not connect. Am I missing a step? Is it forwarding http traffic only?


“Redirected” domains redirect HTTP traffic only. If you want to point the whole subdomain to an external service, then follow these steps:

[] Delete the subdomain from the panel entirely.
] Click the “DNS” link on the parent domain (example.com, in your example).
[] Add a DNS record with the properties:
] Type = A
[] Name = mumble (for example)
] Value = (for example)
You can put anything you want into the comment, or nothing at all if you feel that it needs no explanation.


Thank you Andrew, I suspected that only HTTP traffic was being redirected.

How long does it normally take for DNS changes to be updated? 5-10 min?


5-10 minutes is usually sufficient for our DNS servers to update. However, it may take longer for the previous DNS records to clear out of your ISP’s DNS caches; our default TTL is set to 14400 seconds, so you may have to wait up to 4 hours to see the new record.

If that’s too long to wait, what you could do is create a temporary new record (“mumble-new”, for instance) with the same IP address. So long as you don’t try to look that up before you create it, it won’t be in your ISP’s DNS cache, so it’ll be available immediately.