Pointing subdomain to DreamHost

I’m looking at possibly using DreamHost for serving some static content for my website (files)… mainly because of the large bandwidth allowance provided. However, I already run my own DNS servers, and would simply like to point a subdomain to DreamHost without making any other DNS changes. Having said that, is this possible?

It would be really nice if I could simply register my DreamHost account with the subdomain name (instead of a root domain name) and just make the appropriate changes at my DNS server to point to the server IP. Technically this is feasible, but I dont know if the DreamHost system would allow me to do this.

If not that, are there other options?

Yes, but doing this will require a ‘work-around’.

Once your DreamHost account has been approved, you will need to add the sub-domain to the DreamHost hosting system via the panel. However, the panel will not allow you to add the sub-domain to the system without first adding the parent domain, this is the ‘work around’ I mentioned. Note, adding the parent domain will not affect the hosting of the parent domain elsewhere, it is only required so you can add the sub-domain without error.

Once you have the sub-domain in the system, you can obtain the IP address assigned to it via the panel and configure the DNS at your registrar to point at this IP. Another note; each physical server at DreamHost allocates IP addresses from a pool of IP addresses (and Apache instances), so each domain or sub-domain you have hosted is likely to end up on a different IP address. Therefore, it is not possible to just obtain the IP address of the physical server, as I said, you need to obtain the actual IP address that has been allocated to the sub-domain via the panel and I should also note that this IP address is subject to change, although in reality this doesn’t seem to happen too often.

Well, you won’t be able to specify the sub-domain during the sign-up process and if you intend to keep the parent domain hosted elsewhere, then it is not wise to specify that either. You best options would be to either take advantage of the ‘free’ domain registration included with every plan, or specify a ‘free’ dreamhosters.com sub-domain, then add your real sub-domain to the system once everything is setup.


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Mark’s suggestion may very well work, but I’d suggest contacting Dreamhost about it:


This is primarily a customer-to-customer forum, so we can’t provide an “official” answer.

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Simply install your domain and subdomain as if it was hosted by dreamhost.

Then check manually yoursubdomain.yourdomain.com ip on ns1.dreamhost.com (use nslookup command on windows to do so).

Then, enter the IP you found on your dns current dns server.

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One last step in the workaround that someone on this forum suggested to me was to “delete” web hosting for your primary domain.

In the “Manage Domains” section of the control panel, you’ll see a column called “Web Hosting”. Most domains will show “Fully Hosted”. Click on the red x in this column for the primary domain since you’ll be hosting that at your other web hosting provider (In the latest version of the Panel I think it’s labeled “delete” for delete web hosting).

This way your panel shows your exact status - DreamHost not hosting the primary domain but hosting only the subdomain.

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Most advice given by above posters,i think will work and i’m not such experienced to advice some more. But one thing is interesting that you don’t wanna use the free domain. But its much usefull to highlight your services of that subdomain you wanna host on DreamHost. Just think about mail.google.com and gmail.com. Google got a different domain for email and Google even got unique domain for each services such Blogger.com,Orkut.com,YouTube.com etc. Its very meaningful and useful to take a domain for a special service instead of just a subdomain. Also visitors and users of those services of the subdomain will get a unique place to work around. And you can always point the subdomain to your unique domain. All upto you. However, welcome to DreamHost and wish you’ll be happy here.

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It’s more logical to me to use subdomains for things that are all connected, rather than putting them in separate domains. And Google would seem to sometimes agree; they’ve used such things as maps.google.com and groups.google.com. Many of the things they have in separate domains (youtube.com, etc.) were originally separate companies that they bought out.

– Dan

Ok, i didn’t say its always better to take a seperate domain. I said for special services and also in special aspects. If google wouldn’t buy youtube.com and get that kind service they’d take a different domain in my sense(not on everyone’s sense). Gmail is founded by google and they got seperate domain for it. And groups,forums,blogs are basically related to the main domain’s services thats why these are usually hosted on a subdomain. But some times different,such as webblogsinc.com. They have a total of 60 blogs and seperate domains for each,where weblogsinc.com is the homepage. Why don’t you think about DreamHost? They got seperate domain(dreamhosters.com, dreamhoststatus.com etc) for special services/needs. Again DH’s blog, discussion board(forum) etc. are hosted on just seperate subdomains. Seperate domain is also sometimes needed for marketing and advertising needs.
Everyone have a seperate brain(mind) and every brain is unique for its behaviour. Nothing is absolute for everyone. Its all about test and also needs.

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Another possible solution that I think of is take use of the free domain and make a top level domain for your project. Then clock your original sub-domain to that new domain. In that way, your user can access that project by both way.

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I’ve griped about Dreamhost’s use of Stupid Unnecessary Domain Names [tm] like dreamhoststatus.com on several occasions; those things would be better off in logical subdomains.

– Dan

You say that? DreamHost is one of the world’s largest hosting provider and you saying them(their works,thoughts…) STUPID !!! Shame. They obviously didn’t (and don’t) take the domain( or any decision) without thinking. They have teams and have better experienced and intelligent team leaders to work around. Its not fair for you to say them(or any other like them) stupid. You’re much more experienced than me so you should be more careful in any espects(even while talking against anyone). There’re much experienced people here,but they don’t talk like this.

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Dude, they’re cheap for DH. Let them enjoy it.

Especially when www.dreamhoststatus.com is hosted on another hosting provider it really should be it’s own domain and should even DNS through someone else’s servers in case DH’s nameservers blow up.

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I did a whois lookup through whois.sc. It says the site is registered by New Dream Network Llc(DreamHost) and name server is also ns1.dreamhost.com. So how it can be hosted on another server? Can you please explain me. I really don’t know how it can be done. After all i’m a geek and you’re a ‘pro geek’ :smiley: . I also got on the lookup that DH whois server is down.

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I think Wholly only said that dreamhoststatus.com was hosted outside of DH but that is should be nameserved outside as well.

The server itself does seem to me to be served from San Jose rather than DreamHost’s Los Angeles datacenter that we are all hosted out of.

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Thanks Lensman.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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