Pointing one domain to another?


Just registered and beginning to move my stuff over from another host.

I have my primary domain set up, sample.com.

I have an alternate domain that needs to be pointed to sample.com – lets call it mysample.com.

How do I do this with dreamhost?

Hi form3hide!

If ‘MySample.com’ is hosted with Dreamhost, you can easily create a Redirect in the DreamHost CPanel.
Under domains click Manage Domains
Click Edit to edit MySample.com
you will find a ‘Redirect’ field here, simply redirect MySample.com to Sample.com

If ‘MySample.com’ is not hosted with DreamHost - you will need to create a redirect page yourself, and upload it to your host via FTP. Or perhaps your host for MySample.com has similar functionality to DH? If not, consider moving it;)

I hope this helps:)

Hmm, my previous host allowed me to “park” the mysample.com domain on the sample.com domain. Is this not possible with DH?

First of all, welcome to the DreamHost family! We have some great Wiki articles that might prove useful to you as you’re getting started with us:


Hope that helps! You can always email our 24/7 support team if you should have any questions, we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: http://bit.ly/SlXpjh

Awesome, thanks much!