Pointing my Dreamhost Domain to an IP gives me Dreamhost's "site not found"

I added a custom A name value of my ip address to my DNS records, and I’m getting the cute Dreamhost “site not found”. Is there an extra step I have to do on the Ubuntu 16.04 server? My Domain is registered on Dreamhost and my VPS is hosted on Vultr.

How long ago did you add the new A record? DNS propagation may take some time.

As @smaffulli is getting at, it takes 4 hours for DH’s Time-To-Live (TTL) for DNS to pass. It can take 3 days for the world at max to catch up.

It’s already been 12 hours, and i’m located in Toronto, Canada. Is there any server DNS configuration I need to do?

I recently configured a custom DNS following these directions with no issues. I had results on my local ISP in roughly 5 hours. It’s important to ensure that you don’t have hosting attached to that domain name with dreamhost if you’re using a custom IP. Make sure you have both a regular A and a www A record to cover both example.com and www.example.com. Failing these points and the below article, I’d say it’s ticket time.

Check my config:

Sorry for being a compete noob, I’ve been building websites for over a decade but never on a VPS so this is all new for me. I was always under the impression that it’s easy to point a domain to an IP without having to “mask” or “redirect” it

Edit: how do I add a “www” record? :confused:

If you’re using a standard VPS package from dreamhost, you can migrate your users to the VPS from your shared hosting automatically and their scripts take care of the DNS.


If you’re using some other VPS or dedicated server, just set the name to www, the type for A (A is for IPV4, AAAA is for IPV6 if applicable) and the value as your VPS IP. Be sure to add an A/AAAA record with nothing in the name field so that they can just go to yourdomain.com as well.

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