Pointing my domain to github hosting

I’ve decided to move my hosting to github pages but I still would like to use the domain name I’ve registered with dreamhost.

So my goail is for my dreamhost domain to point to my github hosting page.

Now I’ve never been good at understanding the DNS system, especially with webhosts.

I’m wondering if any users can confirm what I’m doing is correct.

Github hosting specifies if I want to use a custom domain I add a CNAME record with my domain “halfmelt.com” in the root. That I’ve done and when I visit my hosting page I’m redirected to “halfmelt.com” which currently points to my dreamhost hosting.

Additionally it specifies that on Dreamhost I must create an A record pointing to

Under the DNS settings for my domain halfmelt.com I’ve added one A record with the value of

Other records are name servers pointing to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com.

I understand that domain name propagaton takes time? Is it just a matter of waiting now or have a made an error else where?

Here are their instructions specified from github for a custo domain http://pages.github.com/#custom_domains