Pointing My Domain To An IP

Hi, everyone. I’m having a bit of trouble.

Today, I set up a webserver on my computer, and I want to host my website remotely. I’ve registered a domain name already (just that, no full webhosting stuff, so uploading to dreamhost is obviously out of the question).

However, I cannot find a way to go by pointing this domain to my webserver’s IP so that my .com domain points to the same site as my localhost/IP address.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that’d be terrific. Thanks.

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

Click DNS under your domain name and add an A record with the Value of your publicly accessible IP.

Thanks. I entered that as you described.

Currently when I visit my site, it still says “This site is parked with DreamHost” but I suppose that’ll go away once everything updates, right?

Since we can’t see exactly what you did, the only thing to say is probably :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true that when you make a DNS change there is a delay while propagation occurs. That period could last 12-24 hours. This isn’t a dreamhost specific thing, it’s how DNS works.

Yeah, give it a minimum coupla hours and you should be good.

Thanks, it works now. However, currently, since I do not yet have a dedicated webserver and therefore have to shut down apache/mysql often along with my computer, my website has a bit of downtime.

The only problem with this is that, as I’ve observed, on some days, dreamhost won’t appear to recognize that my site has been turned back online after a period of the server being off, and attempting to connect to the .com domain itself only results in an error message, even though localhost is up and running fine.

Other days, however, uptime/downtime changes are instantaneous. Any explanation for this?

If your public IP is static then the site should respond as soon as the webserver is online. Double check that your server is set to maintain a dedicated internal IP from your router/modem, too.

I happen to have a dynamic IP, and I have indeed found that it has changed. I should’ve known!

Is there any kind of workaround for this?

You could ask your ISP if they can provide you with a static IP. Altering the DNS via Panel at each IP change will unfortunately result in downtime each time while DNS propagates.

I’m on my phone right now and I can’t find the link, I’ll post it later, but there a half dozen little utilities on the dreamhost wiki to update an ip using the dreamhost API. Like SXI points out tho, propagation time will be an issue.

Dreamhost uses a relatively high TTL value, for this type of purpose anyhow. You could perhaps point the nameservers for a sub domain such as myserver.domain.com to one of the dynamic dns services like dyndns that uses shorter TTL values. There are also tiny utilities you can download for automatic updates to the service.
link mentioned above: wiki.dreamhost.com/API_Apps (scroll down to the DNS section)