Pointing godaddy domain to dreamhost wordpress (one-click install)



I was wondering if there’s any easy way to change the domain of my wordpress blog (hosted on dreamhost, one-click install)?

The blog is now at olddomain.com (dreamhost domain, this is the domain that the blog was installed in with the one-click install)

I have newdomain.com at godaddy and ideally I would like to keep the domain there and just point it to the blog that’s hosted in Dreamhost. I don’t want just use a redirect because newdomain.com will be the permanent address of the blog and I’d prefer not to resort into any domain masking because of SEO.

Any recommendation on how to proceed?


Following up on this question, I research this issue a bit and was thinking this kind of solution. Can someone more technical say if this might work?

  1. Go to Wordpress admin panel and change the wordpress URL to newdomain.com
  2. Remove Dreamhost A records on olddomain.com
  3. Go to Godaddy and point newdomain.com A record to the IP where the Wordpress is installed


First you would go to Godaddy and update the nameservers of the new domain to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com,ns3.dreamhost.com and then you would go to your DH control panel and to Manage domains and add your new domain to be fully hosted (and be sure it is running under the same user as the old domain name). Then you would go into your wp general settings on the old domain and update both the wordpress url parts to the new domain name. Finally via ftp log into the user that the domains are running under. rename the new domain folder to something like temp.domainname.com and then rename the olddomain.com folder to newdomain.com and then rename temp.domainname.com to olddomainname.com and put an .htaccess file in it with a redirect to the new domain name and you should be all set (assuming the new domain name has propagated and is actually resolving to DH servers anyway). You could also make a new hostmask for your wp mysql database and update the configuration files of wp but that is not really required.