Pointing externally hosted domain to domain hosted on Dreamhost

Hey everyone. So I’ve a client with a site that has both .com and .ie domains pointing to the same site.

The .com domain is registered and fully hosted with Dreamhost, and is currently working. It’s IP address is

The .ie domain is hosted on an Irish registrar and I’ve created an A record pointing to the IP address of the .com domain, It’s not working - I’m seeing the “bad_httpd_conf” error.

I haven’t changed the nameservers on the .ie domain as the client is currently using Google Apps for their email. I don’t want to disturb this.

Running “dig +short tristanhand.ie” is showing the correct IP,, which leads me to believe it’s all setup correctly and propagated.

What have I done wrong? I’m lost and all the documentation I can find hasn’t pointed me in the right direction.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

On shared hosting the IP’s are also shared. That means that you can’t just use an A-record to point a name at an IP and have it work because when the request hits the IP, apache has to know which site that belongs to, and it doesn’t know what to do when the request comes in that way.

If you want to stay on shared you can use a dedicated IP on the .com, then use either a CNAME (better) or A-record to get the extra traffic from the .ie domain the same site. Extra cost tho.

You can also use a VPS or DS and turn off dreamhost management and then add the appropriate entry to httpd_conf. This is something you can’t do on shared.

The best thing to do to stay with shared is point the nameservers to dreamhost and let dreamhost manage the DNS… Although on share hosting those sites most likely won’t have the same IP.

If you must stay on shared using an a-record to point the .ie domain in, then you will need to add the .ie domain on the manage domains page in the panel (which will most likely get a different IP than the .com site) but you can make the ‘web directory’ for the .ie the same web directory as the .com the point the A-record to that new IP.