Pointing domain to homepage

I have a domain registered with DreamHost; would like to host my homepage on that domain but can’t figure out how. In the control panel I am not able to redirect it to any of my sub-domains from DreamHost where my homepage is. Can anyone suggest what I should do to point that domain to my hompepage?

Some additional info:
In the control panel I’ve got in the manage domain section a few subdomains from DreamHost and they are fully hosted. My domain, which I registered with DreamHost, shows under Web Hosting ‘none’.

Hi Paul,

I’m in the same exact boat; I also can’t figure out how to do this.

By reading some instructions on websites, I’ve found out that you have to change the nameservers. You can change these when you look at the ‘modify WHOIS or nameservers’ under ‘registration’. A bunch of people also mention zoneedit.com as an free re-direct service that you can use for these purposes.

What to do from there… I’m trying to find out.

If you registered the domain through DreamHost, then it should be simple enough. Before we launch into any advanced technical discussions, I suppose I should ask, at the risk of sounding silly: Do you see a little wrench next to the “none” under “Web Hosting”?

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!


Yes, I see it.

Have you clicked on that wrench? It should give you options for fully hosting, redirecting, mirroring, parking, and cloaking.

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Yes, I did click on that wrench many times yesterday and this morning. With the first option ‘Fully host this domain now’ I received something like “Domain is already registered and cannot be added”

The good news is I clicked it two minutes ago and it seems to be working now. What a relief!

Thanks a lot.

There seem to be some issues about domains getting “stuck” in the system; usually a support ticket can get that taken care of in short order, but try to include the exact errors you get when asking for help here in the future. :slight_smile:

whatsgoingon, did you register your domain through DreamHost, or through another registrar?

Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Hi emufarmers,

I registered a domain with Dreamhost, without hosting, just the 9.95/year option.

I have webcontent on some other places (university sites and some personal pages). I want this webcontent to show up if people go to www.mydomainname.com.

I’m trying to find out how to make this work. Thanks for any pointers.

As you have no doubt discovered, DreamHost does not provide a DNS service with a ‘domain only’ account, you need to have a hosting plan under the account to access DreamHost DNS services.

One option would be to take advantage of a free DNS service for your domain, such as the one provided by ZoneEdit and configure the forwarding there.

Edit: I see that you have discovered the solution to this problem in another thread. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for replying Mark. I’ll make one last post in the other thread–but, yes, the solution ended up working.